Amazon Account Management

Amazon Account Management


Do you want to become a seller on Amazon? If so, you need to have an account first and then have a good grasp of the management of that account. If you can manage your Amazon account correctly, you can achieve high yield results. Before you go into the e-commerce industry, you need to consider many things. Product research, competitive analysis, strategy and marketing are the keystones of your roadmap. If you have completed these steps, all you have to do is create an account on Amazon and manage it. You may need to think twice before making such a move. Before opening an Amazon account, you will need to go through some important points. First of all, it is worth noting that there is some paperwork you need to do. It will be useful to have a professional who will assist you in preparing these documents. Barlas Consulting offers you the service you need in your Amazon account opening process.

If you are staggering under the details and experiencing confusion, a consultancy firm providing services in this field will always be a more ideal option. Headings you need to know for account settings include Inventory Management, Policies, Contracts and Instructions, Order Management, Increasing Sales, Returns, Refunds, Cancellations and Claims, Amazon Logistics, Evaluation and Performance Monitoring, Amazon Global Sales, Amazon Business Summary and Payments. Your account settings will be made through these headings.

We market your products on Amazon by determining the right strategy for you. With the help of an accurate series of analysis and competitive analysis, we ensure that you get ahead of other sellers and increase your earnings. We perform analysis for your business, taking into account your financial data at the point of growth, and we achieve your growth targets in the marketplaces. We provide cost-effective and reliable outsourced business solutions. If you do not have an Amazon account, our expert team will provide you with the most comprehensive service for opening one.


Among the things you should pay attention to when listing your products are making the product placement in the right categories and presenting them with the correct information. You will need to pay attention to these issues to improve the customers’ experience.

For your categories, you must follow the standards available in the customized style guides.

Every single detail about shipping, packaging, images, product titles, promotions, shipping rates, discounts, price and your product matters. Especially when it comes to pricing, you are expected to comply with Amazon’s pricing policy. Barlas Consulting team provides the most comprehensive support with its sector experience and knowledge gained over the years.


You must protect your brand and products in online sales. And right at this point, Barlas Consulting expert team steps in and makes the right moves on your behalf. We also provide expert consultancy services on Brand Registry to business owners who love their brand and want to grow their business. Thanks to this service, we support business owners to grow their brands and keep them secure. If you are marketing your own products or selling using your brand power, registering your brand stands out as a very important factor. With its experienced team of consultants, Barlas Consulting can easily manage your Brand Registry process on your behalf and ensure that your brand benefits from the privileges mentioned below. Understanding the Amazon Brand Registry concept is difficult for beginners, but it is actually a very important process.

Why should you register with the Amazon Brand Registry?

  • You protect your products.

The common concern of many brands in the e-commerce industry is that a rival seller seizes their products. In this highly competitive market, many sellers continue to go all lengths to take the lead. The biggest advantage Amazon Brand Registry gives you is that if another seller seizes and starts selling your product, you can immediately contact Amazon Support Team and ask the products to be removed.

  • Augment your optimization options.

You can easily edit listing optimizations such as product titles, product details and product images for the products you’re selling. Sellers who complete the Brand Registry process can change the product IDs determined by Amazon. And how does this help you? When the product you’re selling is searched in the search box, you have the chance to appear more. In this way, you minimize the filtering and matching errors.

In line with the decision it has taken, Amazon provides the opportunity for sellers to remove counterfeit products. In this way, it aims to minimize the counterfeiting and intellectual property violations within its structure. Our customers who created Brand Registry on Amazon and secured their trademarks confirm that their sales have increased. If you want to take advantage of these privileges, the only thing you need to do is to make contact with Barlas Consulting consultants. Our customers who received the Brand Registry service have experienced an increase in the listing percentages of their products. Contact us now to take advantage of this opportunity offered by Amazon.