Amazon Product Listing

Amazon Product Listing


What is Amazon product listing? Making sales on the internet is the dream of every seller. Having a website and SEO works you subsequently carry out and the e-commerce consulting you get can help you reach a certain potential. However, this should not be enough for you. If you are a company seeking to grow, you certainly need to be present at marketplaces. Being present among today’s e-commerce giants is essential for both brand reputation and selling more products. Online market competition is big, but so is Amazon! You can start selling your products by creating an account on Amazon which has the widest e-commerce network in the world.

You need to know a couple of key points if you are a seller who aims to make sales. Product listing is one of those. Before listing your products or optimizing your listed products, you need to make comprehensive market research. You need to determine strategic moves accordingly and improve your product listings.

When you list products on Amazon, you present a variety of information to your potential customer including title, description, images, and price of your product. A potential buyer uses product listing pages. There is an Add to Cart button on all your product pages. What makes anyone click to that button is the information you entered. Making the product listing correctly will ensure that your customer adds the product to the cart and even buy it. As Barlas Consulting, we help you list your products most accurately and make profits with the consulting service we provide.


We have mentioned 4 factors you will use while listing products. The first of them was the product title.

Product Title: Amazon sets a character limit while entering the product title. You can enter detailed information without crossing this limit. You are suggested to give as much information as possible in the product title. You need to add a variety of features like name, model, color, size, and type of your products. The details you entered for the electronic products can especially be a determiner for your customers to buy the product.

Images: Amazon has certain policies regarding images. For example, you are expected to make the images appropriate to their standards. You need to optimize the images accordingly, without exceeding the given sizes, and then add them. It is very important for a user experience that the product has plenty of images. The users would like to see the product they wish to buy with every detail.

Bullets: It is important to point out a significant detail we call bullets while listing your product. Price, product options, and shipping details may be the most important factors during product listing on Amazon. Price is naturally a determiner for the customer. Free or paid shipping options in the product shipping settings are among crucial details as well. Generally, customers will choose the free option. If the shipping will be paid, it is expected to be cheaper than that of other sellers. Add to Cart is also amongst indispensable bullet points. Such details can be more important than the description of your product.

Description: This area is where you provide the smallest detail about your product. You can have the chance to target your keywords here again.

Would you like us to think about all these details for you? While you just lie back to manage and control your company, Barlas Consulting increases your sales for you.



Preliminarily, your products are supposed to be in accordance with Amazon’s sale policy. Your products need to be listed in relevant categories on Amazon and the content should match with the category. You can establish honest communication with your customers by giving accurate information. For the listing, you must also act according to the Style Guide of Amazon. You should meet the Amazon standards.

All the information on your product detail pages must be exclusive to each product. You need to use Seller Central for details such as shipping, sale prices, and promotions, or you can let us do it for you! You can contact us instantly if you want to know more about Amazon product listing and want us to manage your Amazon account for you!


What is listing optimization? If you are at major marketplaces like Amazon, listing optimization will be an important matter for you. The users will verge to the products that rank high just like they prefer the websites that rank high in search engines. With listing optimization, you can enhance your traffic and sales both in Amazon and on the basis of search results.

Amazon listing optimization consists of improvements that could be made on search visibility, click rates, and conversion rates. You can increase your earnings by making these improvements to achieve more sales. In the improvement process, keywords should be discovered for starters. It will be beneficial for you to prefer words that are more likely to be searched for. As a second step, texts and images related to the listing should be prepared well. They must be optimized both for the user and for the search engines. And of course, they need to have content appropriate to Amazon or relevant marketplaces.


Why listing optimization is necessary? These improvements are crucial for those who want to get better results in Amazon. Reaching out to more users is one of the most basic purposes. You can ensure that your products would draw more attention and absolutely have more potential to be sold.

You can address the users more clearly and explicitly. You can clear out their confusion, and let them have a better understanding of your product.  Product descriptions can also be successful in convincing them. Consumers who do not have sufficient information about a product may just  leave that page without purchasing. Spam titles will not be user-oriented and they will also contain contents that are unlikeable for the search engines.


You can increase your visibility in marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy and ensure a full-time performance by paying attention to the following factors in listing optimization.

Keywords: Are your keywords really determined correctly? Have you chosen a word that is searched or a different word for your product? Making your choices on words that are not searched by the consumers will not make any contribution to you. Customers will not be seeing your products, therefore you will not make any sales. You must add relevant keywords to your product page and beware that they are user-oriented.

Titles: Your product titles need to be optimized efficiently. They should certainly include your keywords. At the same time, you should also be attentive to choosing explanatory and readable titles.

Images: Are the images promoting your product efficiently? Amazon will set a certain size limit for your images. At the same time, it will expect your images to be of high quality and will take them into account for the listings. Marketplaces generally would prefer you to use white color in the background of the products. Amazon will also choose a white background. The products are expected to cover the image and their details to be shown clearly. Product images should be explanatory.

Descriptions: Including information that clearly describes and details your products with all the technical details in product descriptions will clear out the confusion of your customers. It will have a positive effect on their purchase of your product.

All these procedures include the basic steps for listing optimization. Elements as price or competition can also be included in the listing optimization. Barlas Consulting helps you advance your company in listing optimization, works to increase your profitability with its Marketplace consulting and E-commerce consulting.