Analysis Services

Analysis Services


The global market is an ambitious world where giants distinguish themselves in the field and attract buyers with their aggressive marketing techniques. Companies always want to be one step ahead in this competition they are in. The dynamics of businesses are generally based on competition. Businesses want to discover their strengths, market them in the best possible way, strengthen their weaknesses and, by doing all this, rule out their competitors.

At this point, analysis becomes a test that gains value. It becomes necessary both for the sector in which the company operates and for the trade itself. Along with the digitalization process of businesses; strategic, marketplace, product and competitive analysis gain ground among the sine qua non. One of the unique conditions of existence in the digital world is through product analysis. Marketplace analysis, strategic analysis and competitive analysis are included in the stage following the product analysis.


You may have put a lot of effort into marketing activities without analyzing your business’s spending model and investment returns, however, you may not have made great strides in it. These steps you have taken will cost you time and money. One of the things that will make you successful in e-commerce initiatives is analysis. It is necessary to identify your suppliers, consider your state of stocks and use appropriate channels. Product analysis is also very useful for you to know where you stand in your industry. When you look back on your own products, you understand how you can outperform your competitors.


Collect product information, analyze product details, and examine how well you are performing on which products. The purpose of product analysis is to ensure that the quality, cost and features of your products are as expected. And it is to provide manufacturers with the necessary outputs to understand the product and make it perfect.

The first thing that matters in marketplace analysis is to create a marketplace map. You must be able to fully perform customer analysis, competitor analysis and analysis for opportunities. You must provide relevant services based on customers’ needs and approaches. In competitor analysis, you should find out what to do better than your competitors. In opportunity analysis, you should be able to get a good grasp of the opportunities. You should be able to discover in which marketplace your products can be marketed more efficiently and effectively.

Strategic analysis helps you determine which strategy is best for you. This includes your site’s traffic sources, phrases and triggering messages in your ads, search results, and technical issues. These consist of investments and analyzes that will add value to your brand as your brand awareness increases. Right at this point, it will be easier for you to understand in which direction you want to take your strategy forward. For example, in your analysis of search results, you can discover that opening a blog can help you and focus your strategy on content.
Competitive analysis is an analysis focused on your competitors. It aims to understand their strategies by examining their services/products and to respond with a counter-strategy. You can get to know the players of the opposite team by examining your current competitors in the market. You can be prepared for the sweet or bitter surprises you will encounter in the future. By learning how your competitors reach consumers, you can shape your own marketing efforts.
Barlas Consulting helps you to get to know yourself, your products, marketplaces and competitors as a start. With analysis and data, it helps you to take the right steps while making moves that can lead you to a better position. It allows you to see where you are in the digital world and strategically move forward accordingly. With Barlas Consulting, you can stand out in the competitive world and start gaining.


What is competitor analysis? It includes your examinations based on your competitors’ products, sales and services in marketplaces. First of all, you need to know who your competitor is. When choosing a competitor, no random selection should be made. Wending your way to competitors who offer the same products or services as you and aim to reach similar target audiences will be more determinant in finding your competitor. After determining your competitor, you should examine their products and services in detail. You need to find out how the products they sell or the services they provide differ from yours. You have to estimate their earning ratios and make some adjustments to yours accordingly. The development share will also be a determining factor at this point. The more the sector is open to development and the more conducive it is to growth, the better you know what steps you need to take to get ahead of your competitors. Marketing goals are one of the most critical issues for both you and your competitor. You can surpass your competitor, whose marketing goals you know, with a counter-strategy. It is an inevitable fact that when you correctly guess the moves of the other person in chess, the course of the match will end in your favor. You can think of your products as chess pieces. If you can predict with what strategies the products of competitors are offered to customers, you can also position your products accordingly and take customer-oriented actions. However, unlike chess, customers are the most important ones as an external factor. Sometimes, even if you make the right moves, you may not be able to win in this game unless you satisfy your customers. Barlas Consulting develops superior strategies to turn the game in your favor. With a good competitor analysis, it makes moves that will put you forward.


Have you ever thought about why your competitors are outdistancing you? Maybe you don’t know your competitors that well. Thinking wrong about your competitors as well as not knowing them at all can leave you behind in the online market. We ensure that you take the right steps in the market with an analysis that will help you to know your competitors better. After getting to know your competitors, we identify their weaknesses and strengths for you and determine which marketing strategies you need to implement.
Making conscious decisions is a key issue in competitor analysis. It is necessary to be able to act with insight into the moves of online consumers and anticipate their shopping behaviors.

When doing competitor analysis, you can first prepare a list and create the profiles of your brand’s competitors, and determine their pros and cons. Examining newly established companies will also be one of the steps that will provide you with an advantage over time.
First of all, you must learn to look at your competitors with the eye a customer. After looking at them through the eyes of customers, you should also be able to see your competitors’ own perspectives. You may have things to learn from them. You should know that competitor analysis is not a one-off analysis and must be performed on an ongoing basis. Because they, too, will constantly improve, change and grow. At the same time, new competitors will emerge in the market.


E-commerce competitor analysis includes competitor analysis for e-commerce markets. If you want to be a seller on major e-commerce sites like Etsy and Amazon, you should realize that you are entering a highly competitive market. Competing on these platforms can be quite challenging. However, Barlas Consulting makes it very easy for you to compete by performing analyses and creating strategies on your behalf. Your position in the market is strengthened and you make profitable progress with accurate predictions.

To compete with your competitors, you must have very detailed technical knowledge. We help you find your way around this challenging industry and do our best to put the planning into effect for you flawlessly. We stand by you not only in the marketing stage but also in the warehouse and logistics stages, and we show full-time performance. We also offer professional support to take your steps more firmly in supply chain and profitability issues. As Barlas Consulting, we are with you every step of the way in the online market.


How is product analysis performed? E-commerce stands out as one of the fastest-growing sectors of the digital world and the global market. It would not be wrong to say that competition is shaped globally in this huge arena where every conceivable product and service can be marketed. For such a growing market, a better strategy should be developed and more accurate analysis and effective marketing should be performed. In an arena where there is so much competition, it can be challenging to promote your products.

Product analysis should be the first thing you perform to market your products. Before performing an optimization that goes from specific to general, you should know how to compete for which product. And product analysis makes this possible. Other benefits such as better decision-making, cost reduction and increased revenue will also come with it.

In product analysis, you can find information about who the users are, what they need and how to protect the number of users. You can collect and interpret all data about the product. You gain better customer insights and can develop a data-driven decision-making process. In fact, the mathematics of the process will open the door to your earnings.

You can start by creating hypotheses with A/B tests. You can observe this according to the website changes. And to get the best conclusion about whether the data is producing accurate results, you need to test them.

It is important that your data is shaped according to your business goals. Step by step, you can create a monitoring plan for your data. Make sure you choose the right tools when analyzing your data. For example, tools that can provide real-time data such as Google Analytics can be very useful.

On Amazon, on the other hand, each search has its own search volume. Basically, there is a process that works in a similar logic to the search engine. Words in which your products are listed and clicks on searching for your products will be binding in this regard. To see whether our product is listed in related words on Amazon, you can use the search section.


Some of the factors that can guide you while performing product analysis in e-commerce will be as follows:

Mouse tracking: It is the data through which you can see which products users spend more time on when visiting the site and determine which products they click on more.

User test: You can do some analysis by performing operations where you can test users. You can use slider pagination and different informative metrics about your products. You can also understand users’ behaviors.
Accessibility: It is important in what way users can access that product, or whether they can actually access it. Performing this analysis may even give you the answer to the question of why your product is not selling.


Product analysis helps you understand the potential of your product. You can understand the maximum potential of your product. By getting a better grasp of the important metrics in the listing of your products, you can make it easier for customers to reach your products and increase your product-based sales. Barlas Consulting offers you realistic solutions in product analysis so that you can show the best performance in marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy.


Marketplaces are the e-commerce sites that consumers visit and shop the most. To worm your way in the giants’ league, being a seller on these e-commerce sites would be a good start. In world-famous marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy, you can create a seller account for yourself and market your products in the most accurate way. Where should you start? Which e-commerce platform is right for you? To answer these questions, you can start by performing a marketplace analysis.

What is marketplace analysis? You will need to understand the marketplace you want to become a part of, the marketplace trends and your competitors’ tactics in this marketplace. Understanding your digital customers and improving results obtained from online channels should be among your initial strategies. And the following step would be to compare the competitors. The most important thing to pay attention here is your priorities while performing these analyzes and what you should consider when determining these priorities. A consultant that will help you discover your talents and help you find the best business opportunities can greatly facilitate your work. Barlas Consulting enables you to establish a strong infrastructure in marketplaces thanks to the consultancy services it provides and detailed analysis reports it produces.


You can see how customers search and select your products. By examining social media searches specifically, you can generate some insights and predict how much interaction and visibility you can get.
You can discover the parts of your site where you need to increase the marketing activities. You can see how much attention you draw for different audiences and learn about the marketing approaches of your competitors.

You can make income improvements. You can see your potential leads by optimizing conversion budget models and determine the correct target audience for an increase in sales.

You can create a roadmap for yourself and see where you are when compared to your competitors. So you can implement a more precise strategy about the steps you will take and shape your goals accordingly. With a SWOT analysis of future opportunities and threats, you can use your data in a better way.