E-commerce Consultancy

E-commerce Consultancy


E-commerce consultant is the title given to experts who provide services in many areas in your online business. If you’ve launched out into the e-commerce industry, you know how difficult it could be. You must target the right population at a high competitive level and If you want to gain growth acceleration in your business, you need to manage your services correctly.

As Barlas Consulting, we became an experienced and strong team in e-commerce consulting. We are proud to announce our services out loud. We offer you opportunities to increase current revenue for each customer that interacts with your business. Besides, we provide a risk-free consultancy service for entrepreneurs establishing a new e-commerce channel or companies seeking to expand their business. There are some questions frequently asked by business owners. Are we making the right decisions? Will the decisions we make have profit-oriented feedbacks for us? To answer this, you need to work with experts who are experienced and who make the right decisions. Our consulting team has worked with countless businesses and played a major role in achieving earning-oriented targets. With Barlas Consulting’s team of expert consultants, sustainable sales are planned suitably with your business. Category and competitor analysis are transferred to the business owner. Product listings are made.

Our Consulting Services

  • Target Market Selection
  • Market Size, Potential and Competitiveness
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Creating Product Lists
  • Marketing Activities
  • PPC Optimization
  • Entry Cost and Investment Calculations

There are many needs of a store such as sales, logistics, and brand marketing. You need to manage a dynamic structure in constant motion. Of course, many businesses achieve this every year, but when you look at the secret of their success, it is observed that they work with experts. Regardless of what you are selling in the industry; there is competition in every category. Here’s where the little nuance that distinguishes businesses appears here. Hiring a consultant!


E-commerce experts should have many qualifications aside from experience and knowledge. Their information needs to be refreshed together with the expanding market structure, multiple sales channels, huge product range, and constantly updated developments. First of all, an e-commerce expert must have certain visions. As Barlas Consulting, while our analysis is based on facts, we reduce the risk level to the minimum level. As well as providing flexible solutions to our customers we provide consultancy services, we also represent the ideas that suit them the most. There are some questions that business owners ask themselves frequently. Have you asked these questions to yourself?


What is your growth forecast? How much do you expect your business to grow in the next year? If you are not sure about how much you can grow in a year, you should look at the average of your competitors in the industry. If you cannot access this as well, you can look at the average of your other competitors in the market you are selling. Or let us do this work.

  • Do you know your problem? 

If you have decided to work with an e-commerce expert, you should tell them about your problems. Consultants will be more knowledgeable and experienced about what improvements should be made. When consultants come up with solutions that are out of your vision or extraordinary, you should be open-minded and flexible for the solution. That’s why you are hiring an e-commerce expert.

  • What are your expectations?

The most common communication problem among many e-commerce investors and consultants is unrealistic expectations. Although e-commerce consultants use their prediction skills, they must also see factual analysis and data to minimize the risk. You should not drift off your course and act according to real data and analysis.

  • Turnover or net profit?

This is usually a superficial decision depending on the structure of a business. Start-up businesses mostly tend towards turnover and growth. On the other hand, more established or old entrepreneurs turn to profitability. However, the best decision here is made by sector analysis and product analysis. E-commerce consultancy service is there for that.


With the increase of competition in online sales, your competitors may resort to unethical means. At this point, Barlas Consulting’s expert team steps in and makes the right moves. Brand owners who want to grow in the e-commerce sector should love their brands before anything. And we support growing their brands and keeping them safe. If you are marketing your own products or selling using your brand strength; the brand registry becomes prevalent as a very important factor. With Barlas Consulting’s experienced consultant team, you can easily complete your Brand Registry process and ensure that your brand enjoys the privileges mentioned below. Even though understanding the concept of Amazon Brand Registry is difficult for beginners, it is actually a very important process.

Why should you register with the Amazon brand registry?

  • You protect your products.

The concern of many brands in the e-commerce industry is that a competing seller will lay hold of their product. In this highly competitive market, many vendors continue to use different ways to get ahead. The biggest advantage of the Amazon Brand Registry process is this. If another seller begins laying hold of your product and sell your product, you can contact Amazon support to remove them.

  • Increase your optimization options.

You can easily organize listing optimizations such as product titles, product details, and product images in the products you sell. Sellers who complete the Brand Registry process can change the product IDs determined by Amazon. So what does this do? When the product you sell is searched in the search box, you have more chances to stand out. In this way, you minimize the filtering and matching errors.

Amazon provides opportunities for sellers to remove counterfeit products as a consequence of its decision. In this way, it aims to minimize counterfeiting and intellectual property violations. Customers who create a brand registry (Brand Registry) on Amazon and secure their brands confirm that their sales are increasing. If you want to benefit from these privileges, it is enough to contact the consultants of Barlas Consulting. Our customers receiving Brand Registry services experienced an increase in the percentage of the listing of the products. To benefit from this opportunity offered by Amazon, contact us immediately.

How is a brand registry done? Before the brand registry, it is necessary to know what a “brand” is. The brand is the sign used by your company through which your corporate image is expressed to other person or institutions that includes distinctive features primarily the customers and all other persons and institutions. This could be a name, figure, word, figure, letter or drawing, and many other things. On the other hand, the brand registry is a matter everyone who wants to proceed on a corporate path is familiar with. While all kinds of signs that can be published and reproduced are accepted as brands, the registry of your brand by authorized institutions and organizations or creating a new registry in patent institutions is called the brand registry.

Application of the right holder is required for the registry of your brand which offers consumers trust and is one of the ways to reach the consumer. You can do this individually as well as by proxy.

Having a brand registry secures your brand. You will be preventing imitation and avert your investments from going to waste by possible imitations. Only the Turkish Patent Institute is among the places where you can apply for a brand registry in our country. Your applications are fastidiously examined from the date they are made and determined. As Barlas Consulting, we can manage this process together by answering all your questions about the brand registry fastidiously.


To obtain a brand registry certificate, all your transactions must proceed smoothly and the process should be concluded positively. Following that, you can get your document. Your brand will be examined in this process. If the brand examined within the specified period is deemed appropriate, the decision will be made. There is a suspension period during the publication of the trademark. Objections are made within this process. With the end of all this process, the registry stage is completed.


You can act individually or get support from a professional to apply as well. As an authorized institution, Barlas Consulting carries out all the necessary procedures during the registration phase on your behalf. Upon your written or verbal application, we inform you in detail about the procedures to be carried out and complete the application process quickly. It is possible to get approval for your brand in a short time following your application made by us as complete and correct.

There is a preparation stage before applying. In this preparation stage, researches for the suitability of your brand and appropriate class selection are carried out. The preliminary examination will help avert any negativities that may occur during your brand registry. The application is made with the preparation of the relevant documents. After making a brand application, the procedures are completed after the examination and bulletin publication. When the brand registry is made by us, you will be asked to submit certain documents.

If it is done for individuals; Power of attorney, logo sample, copy of identity card, and Turkish Identity number are required.

In the applications for corporate; Power of attorney, a copy of tax certificate, a copy of circular with the signatures of the corporate authorities, and a sample of the logo. By giving us a power of attorney, you can get support in carrying out the necessary procedures for your brand registry.


Brand registry inquiry is one of the services you will receive through Barlas Consulting. You can get your query result as soon as possible after the applications you make about the suitability of your brand. We will notify you of this query we will make on your behalf as soon as possible. Considerations in brand registry inquiries such as whether there are the same brand logo, icon, etc. in your brand’s class are investigated. Similar and reminiscent brands are analyzed. With the completion of the sectoral investigations, Barlas Consulting informs you of the result with its expert staff. For all your questions about the brand registry and your brand registry application, quickly contact us now, and benefit from professional services!