Marketplace Consultancy

Marketplace Consultancy


What is marketplace consultancy? There is no doubt that online marketing has grown as fast as it could since 2010. Accordingly, people’s shopping behavior also varies. Significant differences are observed in the habits of both parties. Marketplaces are e-commerce platforms that emerge as a result of these habits. Today’s companies with the highest number of users and visitors are marketplaces. In this sector, which has become the backbone of the e-commerce industry, buyers and sellers meet and there is a system where both parties win. Everything progresses smoothly for buyers, but competition among sellers is quite high! Especially your competitors will always strive to be one step ahead of you through price discounts and promotions. So, what strategy should you follow? At this point, the support of an expert and professional institution/team in the field of marketplace consultancy can be life-saving for you.

Barlas Consulting offers you multi-directional strategies so that you can move more effectively and efficiently in the marketplaces and increase your sales. It starts the process with thorough research and does the market analysis for you. End-user and vendor interaction are other important elements. The comments made by the buyers for you will put you one step forward. These comments/reviews are important for competitive analysis. Reaching new customers in marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy becomes easier with us.

Most sellers think that once they add their products to the marketplaces, they will sell themselves. Unfortunately, marketplaces require more than that. You can identify this with real life. Imagine you have a booth where you’re selling apples at the market. If you keep quiet while other sellers market what they’re selling by shouting out, no one will ever find out that you are selling apples. Online marketplaces are similar. As you make your voice heard, buyers will notice your seller account and start buying the products that you are selling. We are here to be your voice and develop strategies that will make you stand out in the eyes of the customers!


It is free to open an account in most marketplaces. Once you have created your account, filled in your seller information and submitted the necessary documents, your seller account will be ready. The next step will be listing and adding products. Note that your account must be verified to be fully active. You should then proceed as per your business model. Barlas Consulting is here to help you create the business model, verify your account and more.

We do product research for you in the first place. Then we decide what kind of strategy you should set using competitive analysis. Following the exchange of ideas with you, we start working on marketing. Finally, we open your account to enable you to meet with your customers.

Opening an account on Amazon and Etsy does not take much effort, but a wrong step taken can leave you with unwanted consequences. Sometimes such a wrong step can prevent you from meeting with customers. Contact us for more information on how to use your account more effectively and efficiently!

Additionally, you can contact our team of expert consultants immediately for information on marketplace commission rates and much more.